Why do we usually sweeten our meals? CAUSE & EFFECT

Why is SoulBee the best choice?

We all like sweetness, that pleasure our minds find so addicting. However, why is that caused for? The answer is: our brain, the organ which consumes the most amount of energy of our body. He likes it easy and fast, and that’s exactly what sugar does. But then, why to choose SoulBee as sweetener, instead of the known-by-all white table sugar? We’ll tell you.


Although our whole mouth plays in the eating process, our tongue is the very special tool which we spoil unconsciously. Its taste receptors are stimulated in every meal, lasting that taste on our mouth for a time. Some food last longer, depending on how it interacts with our receptors.

The honey has a very peculiar taste, delicious and very sweet, which sugar can’t compete with. It has no only dreamful flavor, but its sweetness last better than sugar in our tongue. Here we have the first advantages of SoulBee honey powder: better flavor, and it prevents your body to think about getting sugar for longer, so the intake of it decreases.

Why is it better to consume less sugar?



The sugar is obtained from the sugarcane and from beet, but it’s present in most of plants, however. This, in a first sight, could seem natural. Why then it isn’t healthy to consume white sugar, the one in every kitchen table, used also in pastries and cakes? Because of its production process. For getting it, sugar is boiled at high temperatures, specially when it comes to obtain caramel and syrups. This destroys any benefit sugar crystal could have had.

Once its properties are lost, which is the danger? The brain gets addicted to it. It’s a very fast way to get energy, because of its simple carbohydrates, so it wants to consume more and more from a product which is empty of any benefit. It gives you empty energy, whose excess will be transform in fat. It’s absorbed very quickly, and its effect remains very short time.

Cavities, hyperactivity, sleeping issues, diabetes, nervous problems… are some of the troubles caused by too much sugar. Nowadays, most of the food we consume has lot of unhealthy white sugar added, so we already take more sugar than we need when we add it to our coffee, cereals or meals.


SoulBee is completely natural, and unlike other honey products in market, it has not been elaborated under high temperatures, but by spraying it, so the nutrient destruction is almost inexistent. To consume SoulBee is to consume natural honey. Which are the benefits of it?

  1. Honey has minerals: cupper, iron, zinc, magnesium, manganese, phosphorus and potassium; vitamins from complex B, C, D and E and half the types of needed amino acids.
  2. It also has antioxidants (flavonoids and phenols): these are totally natural… And we usually obtain them from veggies. Bees take them from the pollen of the flowers they visit.
  3. It has antibacterial properties: its enzymes can finish effectively with evil bacterial in the intestine, like those which cause digestion and stomach problems.
  4. Honey helps with stress, nervousness and insomnia: the glucose which feeds your brain also produces a sedative effect. Wouldn’t it be better to take a little spoon of SoulBee with some milk, instead of a pot of chocolate ice-cream?
  5. As curiosity, honey was used to cover wounds, since it helped to cicatrize it, and prevent it from getting infected. Mowgli could tell in The Jungle Book!

What if we compare it with sugar?

  1. Honey’s content of fructose (usually present in fruit) and glucose gives you energy in a fast, natural way.
  2. Honey is the most powerful natural energizer on Earth.
  3. Its enzymes make honey easier to digest, and also makes you less fat than sugar.
  4. Honey has less calories, due to its content in water. Regarding SoulBee’s, since we evaporated it, we achieved to increase its sweetness, reducing its density, so with less amount you achieve the same flavor intensity.
  5. The only benefits sugar will give you are energy and taste, and we proved honey can do much better.


Even though SoulBee gives you simple carbohydrates, they come with others health benefits which make them recommendable. In fact, is satisfies your body in a better way, so you decrease your chances to be sugar-addicted.

SoulBee gives you the whole package of honey benefits so you can adapt them in your daily life. After reading this article, you can imagine hundreds of ways of consuming SoulBee: a little spoon in your cereals at breakfast, so you can buy plain, natural or organic cereals instead of sugary-processed ones; or to make your after-lunch infusion sweeter, so you can digest better your meal and enjoy a happy afternoon, full of energy.

The possibilities for consuming SoulBee are many, but the reasons are just one: your health will thank you.





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