Oatmeal & Banana balls with SoulBee


Step 1:

To make these healthy oatmeal and banana chocolates, you only have to peel the banana and sprinkle with a few drops of lemon juice


Step 2:

While you make a puree with it. Add the SoulBee Honey Flakes and mix both ingredients.


Step 3:

Finally, add the oat flakes to a soft, moist paste. With the help of the hands you are forming small balls or chocolates.


Step 4:

You can book them in the refrigerator or eat them immediately.
You can also put them in the oven if you wish.


 ThisOatmeal, Banana & SoulBee Honey balls are low in fat and in protein, but very rich in fiber, potassium and hydrates.Therefore, they can also be of help to consume after intense training.

2. Healthy 

3. Energy booster

4. Healthier, tastier and better is imposible.


Undoubtedly the Oatmeal, Banana & SoulBee Honey balls are an excellent healthy alternative to traditional sweets, since we can make them at home, without trans fats, without excess sugars and without salt or added.

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