Natural Electrical Energy Drink – SoulBee lemon Style

Tired of being tired? 

Use like Gatorade and sip as a pre- or post- sports drink.

Instead of reaching for that third cup of coffee, why not try a different type of energy to perk up?

Whether you need a pick-me-up in the morning or a little lift to get you out of that afternoon slump, these drinks have less sugar than classic Red Bull or Monster and many are certified organic or even GMO-free. 

This is meant to be a salty, electrolyte-filled drink, and our Himalayan pink sea salt is salty. If you’d like it less salty, start mixing the recipe with half the amount of salt suggested and then add more by the quarter teaspoon to taste. When making a larger batch of the recipe, start with half the amount of salt and add more by the quarter or half teaspoon to taste.

♥    2 quarts Water
♥    1/2 tsp. Organic Pure Orange Extract

♥    6 Tbsp. Honey Powder

♥    2/3 cup Fresh squeezed lemon juice / or others


♥    Water
♥    Organic Pure Orange Extract

♥    Honey Powder

♥    Fresh squeezed lemon juice / or others


Place all ingredients in a pitcher and stir until honey powder and salt are dissolved and chill in refrigerator.

Serve over ice in portable water bottles or in glasses filled with slices of lemons and oranges or mixed melon balls.

♥   Drink

♥   Energy 

♥   Fresh

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