“Green Smoothie”


Step 1:

Place all the ingredients together in the mixer, don´t forget to dd SoulBee Honey Powder as much as you want.

Step 2:

Progressive speed 8-10 during 2 min.

Step 3:

Serve and enjoy !


 This magic green smoothie has on it the combination of natural energy booster ingredients.

2. You will see how you can lose weight naturally  as you are satisfying your body with  vitamins, antioxidants and proteins coming from the most natural sources. Start your morning breakfast with sweet Green Smoothie with SoulBee Honey instead of your boring  toast with butter and coffee.

3. Winter is coming and is important to stay healthy, but not only in winter all-year-long.  This smoothie will enforce your immune system when you start feeling weak.

4. Faster, healthier and better is imposible. Spending only 3 to 5 min every morning at the kitchen will give you an extra life stimulation, keeping your body´s immune system strong and easy to take on the go.

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