How/When do I use SoulBee Honey?

SoulBee can replace sugar, any sweetener or liquid honey as substitute for any recipe. The powder guarantees all honey´s natural health benefits and is a healthier alternative to white sugar or artificial sweeteners.

SoulBee honey is a great addition to any kind of drinks or food where you would usually put sugar or add sweetener. For every dish or drink which calls for a cup of liquid honey, just add a cup of powdered honey and add ¼ cup of water.

What are the natural health benefits?

Honey has amazing natural benefits for your health. Not only can it soothe a sore throat but it’s packed full of antioxidants!

Honey is known to be an energy booster as well, and a bonus with its minerals and vitamins. Honey Powder is a secret ingredient with endless possibilities!  It has been proven to help stabilize your system which also can help you sleep.  Allergies can potentially be minimized with the intake of honey.

How long is SoulBee Honey´s shelf life?

The recommendation is to consume within one year after the first serve but reality is that SoulBee Honey powder will keep fresh because we do not have an expiration date.

Clumping, is normal or should I throw it away?

Depending on the humidity of the surrounding, clumping may occasionally occur, but just give them a light shake before use.

Why SoulBee before honey, stevia or others?

Because SoulBee has the benefit of non-stickiness, mess-free, no crystallization issues, and easy clean up.

What is the difference between SoulBee powder and SoulBee flakes?

The major distinction between both products is in their effective solubility.

Our SoulBee Powder possesses an incredible dissolution power that will allow it to be dissolved in any type of beverage or liquid in which it is added. Our SoulBee Flakes are best known for their addition in cereals, muesli or cooked dishes.

Can SoulBee Powder and SoulBee Flakes instead be used the other way around?

Of course!

SoulBee Powder can be used for cooked dishes yet we recommend you use the SoulBee Flakes, since SoulBee Powder´s sweetener intensity is slightly lower than the Flakes´ intensity.
In other words, you would have to add more of the SoulBee Powder to a cooking dish than you would with SoulBee Flakes in order to get the same taste.

SoulBee Flakes´ dissolution power in water and liquids is not 100%, meaning that when the Flakes are mixed, there will be minimal residual traces that are non-sticky and easy to remove, at the bottom of the glass that was used.
This is why we recommend the use of SoulBee powder for all liquid products.


SoulBee Premium Honey Powder is made from only 2 ingredients: Honey and a non-gmo and gluten free maltrodoxin . Although we would love to whittle our ingredient list to only honey, a pure honey does not maintain a powdered form. Pure honey is hygroscopic (absorbs moisture easily) and becomes sticky and clumps almost instantly. Maltrodoxin has a higher molecular weight and is less hygroscopic than honey, making it easier to dry into a granulated form. By combining the two ingredients and using a significant amount of real honey you get a product with a true honey flavor that maintains a granulated powder form.

Which is sweeter between SoulBee Powder and SoulBee Flakes?

As mentioned before, our products´ sweetness wholly depends upon what they are applied to. Our standard for finding out the sweetness is the following:


SoulBee Powder:

1 ½ spoon of SoulBee Powder is equivalent to 1 spoon of sugar in beverages.


SoulBee Flakes:

1 spoon of SoulBee Flakes is equivalent to 1 spoon of sugar in dishes and baked goods.


If you find yourself needing additional help with using our products with liquids or cooked goods, you can always contact us via social media or email and we will get back to you within 2 business hours.

What does it mean to be "Non-GMO?"

SoulBee Powder is Non-GMO. Being certified by the Non-GMO Project guarantees that we only source produce and products that are void of GMO (genetically modified organisms).
So you can rest assured knowing each sip, each bite is 100% natural.

Is SoulBee Honey safe?

Yes, there are more than 1,500 studies supporting the safety of Honey Powder. SoulBee is destined to be the preferred sweetener of the future. Consumers are looking for ways to reduce calories, and get sugars from natural sources in their diets. SoulBee is a proven solution, our products taste delightfully sweet and are dairy-free.


All information, appearing herein on our products is based upon data that are believed to be reliable. However, it is the user’s responsibility to determine the suitability of the product before use. Since the actual use of the product is beyond our control, no guarantee, express or implied, is made by SoulBee Ltd. of the product nor does SoulBee L.t.d assume any liability arising out of use, by others, of the product referred to herein.