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What do SoulBee Honey and Sugar have in common?

According to several health surveys and scientific data, it has been understood that the over consumption of sugar and chemical compounds that are ´added sugars´ have negatively impacted the world´s general health. We, at SoulBee Honey, have proposed a healthy alternative to this ongoing issue. Since our product is natural, it does not contain any of the potentially harmful consequences of chemically modified sugars; quite contrarily, it benefits its consumers!

Without a doubt, SoulBee is the best product to fight against the sugar. However, as sweetener, both contain Saccharose and in SoulBee honey (common honey), Saccharose represents only 2% of the total mass, whereas it is 99% present in regular sugar. In your average consumption of fruits, you are consuming fructose and glucose, which are the principal sugars to be found in honey and fruits. These sugars are far healthier to us than refined and chemically produced sugars as these natural sugars are easier absorbed and digested by our digestive systems.

By using SoulBee Honey Powder, the quality of life given to your immune system will be healthier, as our product sweetener contains higher nutritive value than sugar and far less calories! The sugar that is present in our powdered Honey produces instant energy providing you with at least 20 min of full power to continue your essential daily activities.


In short,

Honey can be absorbed and digested by our organism better and faster than sugar as it contains less saccharose, but more nutritive values to enhance your physical and mental strengths without the downfall of weight gain.

The properties of SoulBee:


  1. SoulBee Honey is an alkaline food. It does not cause problems of assimilation in people with digestive disorders and is very helpful in the healing of ulcers of the stomach and duodenum.
  2. Our Honey is rich in potassium and that makes it a bactericide, preventing the development of breeding grounds for bad bacteria. Honey has been used for many centuries as a food preservative and an enricher of food flavor.
  3. Is an ideal food for kids, students, elderly, convalescents and athletes.


  1. SoulBee Honey helps you to fight against hypertension and hypotension, coronary problems, arthritis, rheumatism, constipation, dyspepsia, heartburn and insomnia.
  2. Is the best solution when you have throat problems and you want to decongest your bronchi and lungs or to simply soothe your throat.
  3. Recommended to treat mental and physical exhaustion, but also to treat states of anxiety and nervousness, this is because the glucose contained in SoulBee Honey is an essential nutrient to our neurons; also providing energy to muscle cells, which not only calms cramps, but also reduces contractures and muscle stiffness caused by nerves.
  4. May also be used in a more unconventional manner, as a disinfectant* and effective solution for wound healing.
  5. Our Honey is known for its sleep-inducing properties that makes this also recommended in patients with chronic insomnia. It additionally benefits people that may feel anxious or overly fatigued.


  1. SoulBee Honey possesses a large variety of cosmetic uses thanks to its soothing and anti-inflammatory properties.
  2. SoulBee helps you against Inflammation of hemorrhoids (external use).