Our history

Nuria Nieva left Spain to become a international model and entrepreneur guided by pursue the American dream. Working as a professional model she had always wanted the freedom of choice, to choose healthy products over unhealthy ones. The abundance of unhealthy options pushed her to start SoulBee Honey, a natural substitute for artificial sweeteners, sugars and stevia that were negatively impacting her lifestyle.

She believes that the key to a successful life ethic is to eat right and healthily,  we are what we eat! After having travelled to a variety of cities around the world, she realized that the options given in the market for a tasty AND healthy lifestyle were very slim as the global leader of food additives—SUGAR—had overtaken all potential for healthy substitutes to diet. Because of this realization, she began to study the sugar sector and it’s harmful effects on health. This is the reason behind her desire of starting SoulBee Honey—a working solution to the issue of unhealthy food products and over consumption of sugar. 

“I specifically chose Honey as it has been used for centuries for its positive effects on the human body in terms of dietary supplement, medicine and cosmetic use.”  – Nuria Nieva

I cannot think of a better way to lead a healthy lifestyle than to have a simple product positively impact the taste of your meals, with no sticky mess issues, no after taste and helps to improve your health!